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Barnebys has developed the world’s best and most user-friendly auction system, making it easier than ever for auction houses and traders to become digital players. 

Skeleton is praised by the industry as both simple and logical. The system not only allows customers to streamline activity, and offer everything in one place, but users can also choose graphics and content that best fit their brand. 

Let Skeleton become the backbone of your business. 

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Skeleton´s customer have:

- Opportunity for online auctions, live auctions and fixed-price sales.

- Full transparency of user data – without sharing knowledge or brand to third parties.

- Ability to service and manage dialogue with customers via a full and logical CRM system.

- All administration needed for day-to-day business.

- Full integration with newsletters and marketing around auctions and fixed-price sales.

- Continued development of services, products and online support.

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Sell with Skeleton

With Skeleton, auction houses and dealers can offer customers three types of sales:




The entire journey is easy and intuitive, from receiving items, registering sellers and cataloguing, to the auction, sales and freight.


Customise when needed

Skeleton is logical, agile and straightforward for everyone: for auction houses, dealers and customers.

Selling and shopping online needs to be a simple, stress-free and fun process. New Skeleton users can choose how their site should be designed – as a brand new website or a page from an already existing site.

Skeleton's talented designers will help you through the process and will create a customised and user-friendly design that will suit your business and operate at the highest level.

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Simple inventory management tools

With the help of our admin system and barcode scanner, your company will have an organized and structured way of managing your inventory.

Why Skeleton will help your business reach new heights

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